Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

8baht.com is willing to provide the most privilege and benefit to the customer with the warranty policy as follows; 

Product warranty as follows;

  1. Warranty from the manufacturer according to the standard of use for 1 year or 2-3 years by the product type (except some spare parts in the product category of 3D printer that will be guaranteed for 90 days) from the date specified on the receipt.
  2. Warranty from the manufacturer according to normal usage in accordance with the product’s usage requirements as specified in the instruction manual or product listing document in the packaging. The product warranty does not include accident, submergence and natural hazard.
  3. The Company reserves the right to change and modify the warranty terms and conditions without prior notice.

Period of warranty for use by product type

Product Period of warranty
3DMouse 2 years
3D Printer 1 year
Spare parts and accessories 90 days
Computer 3 years

* Warranty details will be shown the information of each product

** Warranty reserved as specified by the Company

*** The Company reserves the right to provide the warranty in accordance with the product’s usage requirements as specified by manufacturer only.

Damage of goods and equipment that is not in the warranty condition

  1. The equipment is damaged, broken, burned, chipped, bent, wrinkled, cracked, fell and scratched on the circuit board, some equipment is missing, such as the screen, the machine body, keypad. It would be considered to end the warranty.
  2. Damage caused by accident, natural disaster (lightning, flood, fire, earthquake), insects and animals are considered to end of warranty.
  3. Damage is due to misuse of the product.
  4. Products with abnormal conditions should not be occurred by themselves or caused by improper storage
  5. For the Filament products, if the package is in an incomplete condition with shear, rip, or different from the original condition before shipping, condition is not ready for sale. It cannot be returned.
  6. Software products, either programs or downloaded products, cannot be returned.