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The core product for model checking and collaboration

From design to build, Solibri puts you in control of model quality.

Solibri Office – Complete. Coordinated. Proven quality.

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Feature highlights

Model checking – not only clash detection

Go beyond clash detection and take your BIM quality to the next level. Solibri offers a wider range of rules and rulesets than any other tool in the market: there are various rules for accessibility and clearance, revision and checking information between related components.

Model checking

Customized to suite your role

Solibri understands your role and offers you a set of customized rules and classifications to match your need. In addition, you can use the Solibri API to design rules that match your company, project, local or national needs.


Increase data value with classifications

Use grouping, i.e., classifications, to run specific checks or export data more effectively for you and the project.


Get accurate information for calculations and data mining

Information takeoff allows you to extract quantities based on different criteria more easily. Share the information using your own customized Excel templates.

Information takeoff

Freedom to share

Share project information and collaborate seamlessly and reliably with Solibri’s BCF Live Connector.



Automate your checking process

Automate tasks such as running checks, exporting the found issues as BCF files and creating presentations to be run, for example, overnight, with Solibri Autorun.