Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

8rupiah.com protects the privacy of customers to ensure that custohmers of 8rupiah.com will be convenient and safe. Profile of every customer will be kept confidential and will not be allowed to access to such information. 8rupiah.com will not disclose such information for any benefit aside from only to study and improve the quality of our products and services to better meet the needs of customers 8rupiah.com only.
8rupiah.com’s privacy policy is defined as follows; your use of the services of 8rupiah.com is considered that you agree to be bound by this privacy policy. In order to acknowledge the details of the personal data protection policy of 8rupiah.com, there will be many details as follows;

  1. The personal information of 8rupiah.com is collected at 8rupiah.com. To make the website of 8rupiah.com is your favorite to use the service on the internet, 8rupiah.com provides you with information, services and products that you are interested in to achieve that purpose. 8rupiah.com has to collect some of your personal information when you register on the 8rupiah.com’s website to become a member, e.g. sign up for the 8rupiah.com newsletter. You will be asked to provide the name, address, and electronic mail. Street address, postal code, telephone number and other personal information. By doing that, 8rupiah.com can differentiate you from other users, and if you provide more information to 8rupiah.com, 8rupiah.com can provide you with a full range of services. In addition to the membership registration process, 8rupiah.com may ask for additional personal information at other times including (but not limited to) when you participate in a promotion sponsored by 8rupiah.com and / or other partners. When you have agreed to buy or when you use the services of 8rupiah.com, 8rupiah.com has continuously increased the number and type of services. You will be able to fully choose the services that 8rupiah.com offers you if you choose to register as a member with 8rupiah.com, 8rupiah.com may collect non-personally identifiable information which may be your technical or demographic information, such as your age, location, gender, or interests. Non-personally identifiable information will not identify you personally, such as
  • Internet Protocol (IP) — group of numbers that help your computer connect to the internet to know where information is sent – such as the webpage you are viewing.
  • Cookie — a small text file that may be used to gather information about your activity on the website, i.e. when someone visits a website, cookies are stored on a user’s machine (if the user accepts cookies) or read if the user has visited a previous website. You may set up browsers to notify you if you receive a cookie or you may choose to block a cookie with your browser. But if you do so, you may not be able to take advantage of personal features shared by other users of our website. Some cookies, we may use flash cookies or Adobe cookies, which are not harmful. It may contain information that cannot be personally identifiable and depends on your browser. These cookies may not be deleted normally when your cookies are deleted. Please check your browser to determine the storage location, type of these cookies and how to delete them.
  • Product information – We may collect registration information or other details regarding your products or services or how we use our products or services, unless this information is associated with your name or address, which is not considered personally identifiable information.
  1. Use of your personal information – the primary aim of 8rupiah.com in collecting information is to provide good service from the website network for the users of 8rupiah.com at 8rupiah.com with efficient arrangement. When you register information in any area of ​​8rupiah.com on the internet, such information is collected and maintained solely by 8rupiah.com, unless otherwise specified while collecting such information 8rupiah.com. The privacy policy of 8rupiah.com does not cover any collection of information that may be made by advertisers or other websites connected to the 8rupiah.com. 8rupiah.com will not be liable in any way due to data collection by a third party.
  2. Disclosure of your information – 8rupiah.com generally do not disclose your personal information that can be used to identify you or contact you. 8rupiah.com may only provide your information to third parties for the purpose of providing services that match your interests only. Such information provided by 8rupiah.com will not be information that allows third parties to know you or contact you. In the event that it is necessary to disclose your personal information with business partners of 8rupiah.comwill be notified in advance. You acknowledge that your personal information may be disclosed when 8rupiah.com believes in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to:

(1) Act in accordance with the law

(2) Enforce or comply with the terms of the user agreement of 8rupiah.com or

(3) Protect the rights, property or safety of 8rupiah.com or those of users of 8rupiah.com.